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The book, Water&Salt, The Essence of Life - 1 Kilo Box
(2 lbs. 2.35 oz.) Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Sole Stones -
1 Kilo Box of Original Himalayan Bath Salt Crystals - 1 Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Sachet - 1 Jar - 56g of Fango Mud Peloid Face Mask


To truly acquaint yourself with the Energetic potential that Original Himalayan Crystal Salt has to offer, we give you this ensemble of products at a 15% savings.
First, the Water&Salt book to fascinate your imagination with its powerful, resonating words of profound logic and esoteric insights.
As a strong measure of defense, you body requires the essential 84 natural mineral elements present in Original Himalayan Crystal Salt. An unlimited Energy potential is released when water and our salt combine. This new dimension of Energy is called Sole and is made from our Original Himalayan Crystal Salt "Stones."
You can enjoy a salt bath at any time, but for the maximum therapeutic benefit, why not try a Moon Phase Bath with the 1 kilo box of Original Himalayan Bath Salt Crystals. This bath will balance your energetic weak points and , its rehydration properties will make your skin as soft and supple as a baby's.
The Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Sachet is great for aching and tired muscles and offers relief from menstrual cramps. Use it either warmed or cold for a range of muscular conditions.
Our Fango Peloid Face Mask is made from the finest Peruvian Fango mud, known for its pristine, mineral-rich content. Our Fango Peloid face mask will make your skin glow with radiant health and beauty. Excellent hydration qualities too.