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peter ferreira, barbara hendel

Never before has there been such a fascinating book about the fundamental two essential elements needed for achieving and maintaining vibrant health. So simple yet so misunderstood, this book sheds light on the importance of these two elements to our bodies and minds.

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This book presents revolutionary insights into food, health, beauty and consciousness. Dozens of intriguing photos bring these profound subjects to life and make this book an exciting and fulfilling adventure. biophysics

From the first day that this book was introduced in Germany tin 1999, it was an immediate bestseller. Millions of people have changed their lives in respect to water and salt with the profound scientific information presented herein in an easy-to-read format that everyone is able to understand . We are happy to now make our English speaking readers acquainted with the subjects of Water & Salt so that they too may find better understanding and respect for these most essential elements. We also hope that thousands of doctors, scientists, alternative practitioners and therapists will embrace this natural knowledge to help mankind in a natural way.

Why was this book written? According to the co-authors, Peter Ferreira and Barbara Hendel, Water & Salt actually originated from an interest generated by those who attended, with increasing interest, the seminars given by Peter Ferreira where the scientific research and holistic understanding regarding the two natural elements of water and salt, were presented. Many attendees realized the positive health implications of these research findings while gaining a more positive outlook to their personal lives. The fact about these two most natural and simple subjects of water & salt made a lot of sense to most of the people, but many questions still remained unanswered.Sole page

It appeared that this ancient knowledge regarding the laws of nature had been lying dormant in the darkness for too long. How could we take the dusty bottles of knowledge from the cellar and give them new labels and present them anew? Although the answers to the remaining questions seemed to be self-explanatory by simple logic, many people were looking for proof. So, for you, this book is meant to be a useful and practical guide. For those of you wanting even more, this book will not only give you some scientific knowledge, but can act as a catalyst for a new, healthier and independent life.

The goal of the authors is to make the life-giving properties of water and salt understandable to everyone. Nature is less complicated than we think. In fact, with orderly simplicity, nature reveals its cosmic laws. It is only up to us to recognize and understand it again. Once we comprehend the connections, an inner impulse will ignite the change.

Salt pageThis precious knowledge shall not be kept within a small circle of scientifically trained people. With the public's growing interest in the subject of water and salt, this book has been written in a holistically minded way for the average person. The expectations of this book will be fulfilled when the individual reader will experience an impulse for change, not only to recognize the purpose of life, but also to experience it. Our whole life is a continuously developing process towards a higher state of consciousness.

Reading the Water and Salt book will demystify the mysterious and provide a new outlook, one which may challenge many of the old dogmas and credos. Many will feel the urge to reevaluate their present views. But we also encourage our readers to accept this knowledge with a critical eye. Real knowledge comes only from your own experience. Listen to your inner voice and then make your own practical experiences. Be suspicious when things are changed from their original state. Our aim is not only to inform, but also to inspire and motivate our readers to recognize creation not only on the outside but to experience it on the inside. Real Life must be experienced! Experience real life!

We wish you much success along your path to your new way of life!


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"Through this process of attaining higher levels of consciousness, we can relinquish our polarities and return into the oneness of all elements. This is exactly what transpires when water and salt meet." It always goes back to the basics. When life gets too overwhelming, a walk in nature always returns my perspective. This book poetically and captivatingly redirects our attention to the basic needs of our bodies. It beautifully, convincingly, and lovingly tells us how proper water and salt will make all the difference. In eating right and maintaining our optimal health, physically, mentally, and spiritually, we maintain the balance needed to attain wholeness. I can thank its wonderfully simple content for my renewed esteem for those essential elements of a healthy life, water and salt.   

Michael Peter Langevin


Water&Salt Reader’s Review
L. Enki, January 11, 2004

I always knew we did not have to be scientists in order to know which diet to eat. I also never could believe in having to take supplements in order to give my body everything it needs, or having to spend a chunk of money. I intuited that it had to be more simple, more down-to-earth. This book confirmed my opinion and opened my eyes to what really matters in our nourishment and it totally makes sense; it’s holistic, it’s straight forward and so simple. The scientific facts are presented clearly and easy to understand for anyone. This book gave me so much hope that it is not too late for anyone to purify and create a new healthy body, simply with living water and high quality crystal salt, which together is pure life force. It is an exciting read from the first to the last page.

This book has much more in store that “just to talk about water and salt. . . it opens up a whole new perspective about “food” in its relation to “energy” and consciousness.

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