The Quantum Age Water StirWand
Quantum Hydration Augmentation Utensil

Increases Hydration in the Body by a 23.5% Average
Increases Blood Oxygen Levels by 9.6%

The Ultimate Water Delivery Device

I had one of these things sitting on my desk for over six months. It was given to me by its forward-thinking co-originator at an event I attended in L.A. This pocket-sized innovative technology looks like something Spock would pull out of his bag of futuristic devices for correcting some anomaly on some distant planet in the distant future. Strangely, that’s exactly what it is.  But this simple, yet elegant “utensil,” utilizes noninvasive resonance of naturally occurring high matrix minerals to maximize the hydration potential in your water.

There are many critical factors to consider, in regards to water, necessary for proper hydration: resistivity, conductivity, surface tension, specific gravity, pH, and correct charge or electrical potential. The StirWand use a specific blend of common rock minerals, sealed in a polycarbonate plastic, recognized as having significant influences on water, to align these factors so that the resulting charge can fully activate the body's aquaporin and ion channels. The mystery of its secret power to influence water was at once clear to me; looking at it from an Energy - Life Force - Consciousness perspective.

I was beside myself and wanted to share it with you immediately. It was so intriguing and fascinating. But there wasn't any credible, real-world data that proved that it actually worked as he claimed. Although I intuitively knew it worked, I kept my mouth shut. . . until now.

Those of you already up with Original Himalayan Crystal Salt™ Sole have experienced the Energy potential that’s released when water and our salt combine. You couldn’t see the Energy, but you surely “felt” it. It’s the Effect of the Cause we’re most interested in, not the Cause itself. But understanding the Cause provides a deep look into the fascinating world of Energy - Life Force - Consciousness. This device will actually enhance the ability of your water to deliver the energetic imprints of the 84 minerals in the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Sole, making it the ultimate delivery device.

How quickly can your thought Energy be converted into Action? Maximizing this ability could put you at the top of your game, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The difference between a “shining star”  and the average,  is the speed with which one’s thoughts respond to one’s will, to one’s desire to act. Remember, without salt, there are no thoughts, no actions. Salt is both the conductor and transmitter of Energy flow in the body. It’s an axiomatic truth that the higher the quality of Energy we put into our bodies, the higher the quality of the Energetic output. We already have the ultimate quality conductor and residual Energy, Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Sole, scientifically recognized for its inherently supreme bio-energetic properties. And now, together with the power of the StirWand, clinically proven to increase hydration by an average of 23.5%,  there is no faster delivery method that I know of to receive the Energetic punch of the mineral rich Sole into your cells . . . a 23.5% average increase!     FAQs About The StirWand

Quantum View
A branch of mathematical physics that deals with atomic and subatomic systems, quantum mechanics is concerned with phenomena that are so small-scale that they cannot be described in classical terms, and are formulated entirely in terms of statistical probabilities.


Considered one of the great ideas of the 20th century, Quantum Mechanics led to a drastic reappraisal of the concept of objective reality. It explained the structure of atoms, atomic nuclei, and molecules; the behavior of subatomic particles; the nature of chemical bonds; the properties of crystalline solids (see crystal); nuclear energy; and the forces that stabilize collapsed stars. It also led directly to the development of the laser, the electron microscope, the transistor, and now to the StirWand™.

  • The StirWand is the size of a pen, lasts a lifetime, never wears out.
  • Use the StirWand for great tasting, super-hydrating, energized water for you and your family. Great for all of your pets' water and watering livestock and for farm and agricultural applications.
  • Easy to use . . . just stir for 10 to 15 seconds and drink!

Its Esoteric Nature
The StirWand capabilities greatly exceed the known potentials of its material composition. StirWand SmallCommon rock minerals, sealed in polycarbonate plastic, would not be recognized as having significant influences on water. But appearances can be misleading. Consider an ordinary rock for example. Pick it up. Feel its weight, its hardness. Our physical senses would  confirm that the rock is a dense and solid object, when in actuality, it is almost entirely empty space. Remember, everything made of matter is nothing more than vibrating Energy that has slowed down its vibratory rate and has come into form, or materialized. The trifling amount of matter that does exist in the rock, is manifested from an energetic, conscious blueprint within an unlimited matrix of potential.

Energy - Life Force - Consciousness precedes form, and by this process, reality is manifested via concentration of our individual Energy - Life Force - Consciousness contained within a matrix of unlimited potential, the human form. Contrary to appearances, our solid and stable world more closely resembles a holographic projection than one might think.

Coexisting with the physical manifestation is another completely separate matrix, one of infinite  potential. This can be referred to as the "High Matrix" because matter is exponentially raised to higher vibrational rates when its inherent Energy - Life Force - Consciousness is pulled, by the law of attraction,  to a point within the High Matrix lattice. Through a metaphysical process, which takes advantage of the subtle Energetic aspects of the High Matrix, the minerals of the StirWand have elevated themselves and consequently exhibit their exceptional qualities. Various tests can be performed to verify this and a few of the more basic ones are mentioned below.

Scientific studies have confirmed many miraculous changes in the properties of water after using StirWand. Links to these studies appear below. You may notice:

  • · Water tastes better, smoother, and seems "wetter" with a slightly thicker consistency
  • · Plants and animals will respond positively to StirWand treated water.
  • · StirWand water used for cleaning applications has greater effectiveness.
  • · StirWand water is great for treating water to be used for homeopathics and energetic remedies
  • · StirWand water can be sprayed throughout the home for a fresh, energized feel.
  • · Wash with mild soap and never use in the microwave!
  • · StirWand is permanent - no replacement costs!

Its Material Nature
The StirWand is simple combination of specific granulated mineral stones encapsulated within a fountain pen sized enclosure of medical grade polycarbonate plastic. Its primary function is to increase the hydration potential of water. Conventional science is at a loss to explain how it works, as inert objects are not traditionally believed to influence water. However, knowing that water can be energetically imprinted, and, knowing that nothing is inert, but is actually vibrating energy, a quantum phenomenon overwhelms a Newtonian fundamental; StirWand effects are varied, significant and profoundly thought provoking.

StirWand can make almost any water better. This is a result of the water accepting the imprint of the frequency patterns of High Matrix minerals within the StirWand. One need only stir water for about 20 seconds per glass and the job is complete. For maximum hydration potential however, it is suggested to use only natural, non-carbonated water.

The Science - For the Materialists
"All living matter is made up of cells. A single human being has as many as the stars in a galaxy, about one hundred thousand million. The various cells, e.g. muscle cells, kidney cells, and nerve cells - act together in an intricate system in each one of us."   Swedish Academy of Sciences, Nobel Foundation

It’s all about Aquaporins—Water Channels within the cells of the body. Membrane physiologists felt that there must be openings (pores or channels) in cell membranes to permit a flow of water, because the osmotic permeability of some epithelial cells was much too large to be accounted for by simple diffusion through the plasma membrane. aquaporinIn 1992 a "water channel" was identified and what its molecular machinery might look like was suggested (see graphic on left), that is, proteins were identified that formed an actual channel in membranes that facilitated water movement. Peter Agre, M.D. (professor of Biological Chemistry and Medicine - John Hopkins Medical School - 2003 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry) in 2000, together with other research teams, reported the first high-resolution images of the three-dimensional structure of the aquaporin. With these data, it was possible to map in detail how a water channel might function.
Most important, was the discovery that selectivity is a central property of the channel Water molecules worm their way through the narrow channel by orienting themselves in the local electrical field formed by the atoms of the channel wall. The strictly opposite orientations of the water molecules keep them from conducting protons, while still permitting a fast flux of water molecules.

But to get the water into the cells where it can properly hydrate the body, it was also discovered that there was a correlation between the Water Channel and the Specific Gravity of the water. Water molecules pass through the channel one at a time. And, they cannot enter the cells unless their Specific Gravity is below 1.009. This is critical! It appears that the water’s SG is the triggering device to open the water channel. If the water’s SG is not below 1.009, the water never even gets into the cells. This is the reason for the measurably significant increase — an average of 23.5% — in hydration after using the StirWand. It is now believed that most of the water we drink never finds its way into our cells. In fact, we only attain  approximately 6% hydration from the water we drink, no matter how much we consume.

These stunning discoveries in chemistry clearly demonstrate the way a human cell hydrates, one water molecule at a time.

water channel.

Water Meets its Perfect Match
Until now, medical science has yet to create a natural, sustainable solution for raising levels of hydration, oxygenation, and cellular detoxification. Yet, proper hydration is critical to every bodily function.

StirWand tehnology raises all three of these critical factors to therapeutic levels, simply by drinking the recommended daily amount of water, which is half your body weight in ounces - that has been stirred for 30 seconds with a StirWand.

glass beakerThe Science
Fenestra Research Labs

Before any hydration claim could be made about the StirWand, it was necessary to perform clinical trials in order to meet the federal standards required to make such claims. The results of the tests conducted by Fenestra Research Laboratory in Las Vegas with fifty people over thirty days, showed an average increase in hydration of 23.50%, as well as a 9.60% increase in blood oxygen. More than ninety percent of these results came within the first fourteen days of the test.

Further testing on municipal waters, whether purified or not, has shown that the StirWand technology favorably balances water chemistry for hydration in virtually any potable drinking water.

Every Single metabolic function in the body is dependent on two essentials, water and salt.
  • The StirWand technology meets the Federal Standards required to make a hydration claim.
  • The StirWand technology creates near-perfect conditions to reansport water, oxygen, and mineral ions into the body, naturally and safely.
  • StirWand is Stable for Months
    Stabilization tests show that the stirred water remainsmore than 99% stable in an open container for a minimum of forty-eight hours. Sealed containers remain stable for months at a time at more than 98% of the water's original chemical balance.

What is Hydration?
Hydration is a mathematical measurement of the fluid levels in the body. The more hydrated you are, the more efficiently your body transports nutrients and hormones, and flushes toxins.
Fenestra Research Labs has been testing water and water products, and measuring hydration increased since 2001. In studies with over 35,000 subjects, Fenestra Labs has seen that approximately 94% of the subjects tested were dehydrated, even though they may have consumed the correct amount of water each day; one half of their body weight in ounces daily.

Hydration is Important Because. . .

  • Water Transports All Substances Inside the Body.
  • Water is the Primary Solvent For Vitamins & Minerals.
  • A Well-Hydrated Body Delivers Nutrients to the Cells and Oxygen to the Cells Efficiently.
  • It Increases Blood Oxygen Levels.
  • It Removes Waste Material From the Cells, the Liver, and the Kidneys.
  • It's Critical For Efficient Function of Energy-Generating Cycles.
  • It Provides Electrical Energy From Brain Functions.
  • It is Required For the Synthesis of Neurotransmitters.
  • It Can Reduce Depression, Stress, and Anxiety.
  • It Can Restore Normal Sleep Cycles.
  • It Increases the Efficiency of the Immune System.
  • It is Required For the Production of Hormones.
  • It Can Reduce PMS Symptoms.
  • It Helps to Regulate Adhesion Index of Blood Cells.
  • It May Reduce the Risk of Heart Attacks and Strokes.
  • Is Necessary For all Digestive System Functions.
  • It Can Prevent Constipation.
  • It Reduces Aging of the Skin.
  • It Aids in Weight Loss.
  • It Enhances Joint Flexibility and Strength.
  • It Enhances Athletic Performance.
In fact, your very life, your health and wellbeing, your energy, depends on proper hydration.

All this amazing Technology in a Device No Larger Than a Fountain Pen.
The StirWand fits conveniently in your pocket or purse to take with you anywhere.
It costs less than a few bottles of supplements and will perform indefinitely.

stirwand in case

Will Create Near-Perfect Chemistry in Your Drinking Water For Your Entire Lifetime

A One Time Investment of $89.95

For Whatever Water You Currently Drink. . .
the StirWand™ will deliver more of it into your
cells . . . where it belongs. . . Guaranteed!

The StirWand is a Must Have for Those of You Who take Your Sole Therapy Seriously!

All StirWands Come With a Velour Pouch and Brochure.

Besides Their Individual Properties, All StirWands Are Equally Hydrating & Oxygenating.

Frequently Asked Questions About the StirWand

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