Sole therapy

Sole Therapy

Original Himalayan Crystal Salt™ Sole - An Ocean Of Potential Energy

There is an unlimited potential of Energy released when water and Original Himalayan Crystal Salt™ (OHCS) combine. The negative poles of the water molecules surround the positive ions in the salt and the negative ions in the salt are surrounded by the positive polarized particles of the water molecules. This changes the geometric structure of the water and the salt, and creates something entirely new, a third dimension. The water no longer is water and the salt no longer salt. The elements have liberated themselves from their restrictions, given up their polarities by the resonant effects, and reached a higher form of energy. Only through this process of attaining higher levels of consciousness, can we relinquish our polarities and return into the oneness of all elements. This is exactly what transpires when water and salt meet. The willingness of the water to give up its own identity, in return, liberates the salt from its manifested identity—to overcome the powers of the grid work and to separate sodium from chloride. Both elements are ionized, which releases their stored energy and information.

Making Sole

sole step 1Step 1:
Everyone knows that salt dissolves in water, right? Sole is super-salty water. Here’s how to make it.

Fill a small glass jar with Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Stones. We recommend a small, wide-mouthed jam jar with a lid. Then fill the jar with your preferred drinking water, completely covering the salt crystals with water. Let sit for 8 hours (overnight). That's it!


sole step 2Step 2::
After some time, with daily use, you'll need to add more water. There should always be undissolved salt crystals on the bottom of the jar. This is your visual indication that the water is totally salty. After some time, with daily use, you will need to replenish the water in the jar. Eventually the salt will dissolve. At this point just empty the jar and make some new Sole.

CAUTION! Never add a teaspoon of Original Himalayan Crystal Salt to a glass of water thinking that you're taking Sole. You are not. Sole is something completely different. One teaspoon of Sole contains only 478 mg of Sodium - That’s equivalent to 20% of the USDA’s recommended daily maximum of 2,500 mg. Whereas 1 teaspoon of Original Himalayan Crystal Salt contains 2,292 mg of sodium!    Adding Salt to Water Has Neither The Effects Nor The Benefits of Adding Sole to Water!

sole step 3Step 3:
Each morning, before eating or drinking anything, add one teaspoon of the Sole to a glass of your preferred drinking water. Your body will receive the energetic vibration pattern of the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt sole and hold it for 24 hours.

Keep the container covered to prevent the water from evaporating. Otherwise, no special storage is needed. The Sole will keep forever ! Salt is a natural anti-bacterial and natural fungicide. It simply cannot spoil or go bad.




The Concentration of Sole

When the percentage of concentration of the Sole are talked about in the book Water&Salt-The Essence of Life, they mean the ratio of water to salt.

Sole = A fully saturated solution of water and Original Himalayan Crystal Salt. The water becomes saturated with salt when the water can no longer dissolve more salt. At this point, the salt crystals remain un dissolved on the bottom of the jar, indicating that the solution has reached it’s saturation limit. The water is now fully saturated with salt. This is what we call Sole.

Sole Solution = When we speak of a sole solution, we speak of a diluted quantity of the concentrated Sole in water. When we take the fully saturated Sole and add water to it, we create a Sole solution. Many of the therapeutic application for the OHCS require a Sole solution.

How To Make Various Concentrations of Sole Solution For Various Applications Using Our Fine Granulated Original Himalayan Crystal Salt.

Percentage of Sole Solution

Amount of Fine Salt

Amount of Water


1% Sole Solution

1/2 tsp. (2g)

7 ounces Water

For Eyes & Nose


2 tsps. (10g)

34 ounces Water

For Inhalation


1 Kilo (2.2 lbs.)

26 gallons /Full bath tub

For Sole Bathing

2% Sole Solution

4 tsps. (20g)

34 ounces Water

For Inhalation


2 Kilos (4.5 lbs.)

26 gallons /Full bath tub

For Sole Bathing

3% Sole Solution

6 tsps. (30g)

34 ounces Water

For Inhalation


3 Kilos (6.6 lbs.)

26 gallons /Full bath tub

For Sole Bathing

10% Sole Solution

6 tsps. (100g)

34 ounces Water

For Partial Bathing


12 tsps (200g)

2 quarts Water

For Partial Bathing

Making a 1% Sole Solution From Sole

Quantity of Water

Quantity of Sole


1 Cup (8 oz.)

1 1/2 Teaspoons

For Eyes, Nose, Inhalation, Bathing

1 Quart (4 Cups)

2 Tablespoons (Tbls.)


2 Quarts (1/2 Gallon)

4 Tbls.


3 Quarts (12 Cups)

6 Tbls.


4 Quarts (1 Gallon)

1/2 Cup


2 Gallons (32 Cups)

1 Cup


3 Gallons (48 Cups)

1 1/2 Cups


4 Gallons (64 Cups)

2 Cups


5 Gallons (80 Cups)

2 1/2 Cups


6 Gallons (96 Cups)

3 Cups


10 Gallons (160 Cups)

5 Cups


100 Gallons

50 Cups