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Harmonizing Ionizing Effect

Crystal salt is one of the few minerals whose atomic structure is bound electrically, not molecularly.

This characteristic of the mineral structure enables the crystal to change back and forth from crystalline to liquid state.

The gentle heat of the lamp in the salt crystal creates a higher surface temperature than the surrounding air. This attracts the water molecules in the cooler surrounding air. The natural humidity in the air condenses on the crystal's surface. This enables the electrically bound sodium chloride mineral to split into independent (positive) sodium and (negative) chloride ions.

This natural ionization creates an electric charge, a pure natural energy vibration. After the water molecules evaporate again, the sodium and chloride ions turn back into their crystalline mineral form. When the sun heats up our largest natural salt solutions, the oceans, it generates the natural energy vibration of which our entire global environment consists. The Translucent salt crystal creates exactly the same natural energy field. Scientifically speaking, this natural ionization process takes place millions of times, invisible to the eye, and without any influence to the quality of the crystal. Similar to the concept whereby tree leaves absorb dangerous dioxides and transform them into essential oxygen, without damaging the plant.

The atomic structure of crystal salt contains more negative, chloride ions than positive, sodium ions which result in the emission of negative ions during the natural ionization process. Negative ions become dust collectors, attaching themselves to positively charged dust particles and cigarette smoke, purifying the circulating indoors air from dust, bacteria and pollutants.

Another benefit of negatively charged ions is their ability to restore the negative-positive ion balance in a given indoor area. Modern electric and electronic appliances like televisions, radios, computers, air-conditioning systems, etc., with their dangerous electromagnetic field frequencies, develop an abundance of positive ions. These account for the common home and office problems of irritability, lassitude and many other associated ills.

The crystal salt lamp can help neutralize the positive ions and electromagnetic field frequencies. Therefore, our human energy field will be balanced through the harmonizing energy vibration of the crystal. This can help with relaxation, strengthen the immune system, the heart, the adrenals, the thyroid, to mention just a few of our major physical body functions.

The electric charge is nothing other than pure energy. The constant and high natural energy vibration of the gently heated crystal salt lamp is equal to and compatible with human energy field. Therefore, the crystal perfectly harmonizes with our own bio-electromagnetism.

The salt solution of which our body consists is our vital force. The body's salt is in a liquid state of positive sodium ions and the opposite negative chloride ions. This ionization is actually our body's electric charge, the foundation of our so-called human energy field, and is responsible for transmitting the necessary energy into all our cells and nerves. And, it disinfects and neutralizes bacteria attacking our physical environment.

Biochemically speaking, it is the presence of specific concentrations of sodium and chloride ions that drives the machinery of our body. When the energy field of our sodium-chloride ionization is in balance, our human body is able to function properly, consistently and in constant creation of pure natural energy, harmonizing with our inner energy vibration. The crystal salt lamp brings relaxation to our minds, and has already helped thousands of people to discover an inner, inexplicable peace and perfect, natural health.

For many thousands of years, from our beginning to the present generation, color and color vibration have been used for the purposes of healing. Color impinges on every waking moment and even pervades our dreams. We are surrounded by color everywhere. While we appreciate color and its beauty, we can use it consciously and deliberately, changing our lives and our health.
Color is an interface between ourselves and the world, and probably affects us emotionally most of all. Doctors discovered that certain color wavelengths have an excellent therapeutic effect. The most effective wavelengths are in the orange-rose-red color spectrum, because these are closer to the resonance frequency of heavy cell tissue.

The Healing Effect of Colors on our Body and Mind
Orange Facilitates a feeling of security and is helpful to our nervous system and our mind and activates the kidneys and bladder.
Yellow – Encourages intellectual comprehension and activates the pancreas, liver and gall bladder.
Red – Strengthens the vital life force and activates the heart and circulation.
Pink – Supports the sense of partnership and love and opens your emotional body.
White – Has a cleansing and detoxifying effect and represents the healing aspect.
Brown – Helps to find ones own balance and supports earthiness

With its unique natural orange-rose-red color spectrum our crystal salt lamp is excellent for natural color therapy. Research and testing has shown that the most beneficial wavelengths are from 605 up to 700 nanometers. The crystal salt lamps represents this range, which are exactly the natural visible color wavelengths of the sunrise and the sunset, as seen in these photos.Himalayan Salt Slice


Metaphysical Properties

The crystal salt lamp can enhance goodwill, lighten ones aura, eliminate mood swings, and diminish negativity. It can stimulate the acupuncture and acupressure meridians. Crystal salt also acts as a catalyst to meditation. Beside the color energy properties, it opens and clears the heart chakra, assists in regenerative growth, and dispels depression.

esoteric meditationThe energy vibration of the translucent crystal salt lamp amplifies the ethereal fluid in the etheric body and the crystalline properties in the physical body. Crystalline properties in the physical body are found in cell salts throughout the lymphatic systems, thymus gland, pineal gland, red and white corpuscles, and regenerative properties within the muscular tissue. Amplification of the body's crystalline properties increases clairvoyance, telepathy, and receptivity to healing.

Our human energy field operates on similar principle of electromagnetism, therefore, the translucent salt crystal becomes an extension of our own vibrations. The energy will intermingle with our own, and when properly programmed through meditation, can liberate the mind into discovering potentially unlimited awareness. In order to gain more conscious knowledge about our emotional, intellectual and physical states, we share our energy with the crystal salt. The combination of our relatively inconsistent vibrations together with the balancing ones of the crystal, can bridge the gap between our physical, mental spiritual selves.

The astrological sign of the crystal salt is Pisces, and the vibration number is one.

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