Hormone imbalance or “andropause” is becoming more and more of an issue for men of all ages. Many conditions we simply assume are a result of getting older, are in fact reversible and due to declining hormone production in your body.

Hormones play a primary role in  

  • Young men wanting to improve athletic performance
  • Businessmen wanting to reduce stress and increase energy
  • Middle aged men wanting to improve reproductive health and sperm production
  • Older gentlemen wanting to support cardiovascular, sexual and foundation health

 Revolution Macalibrium®

 Support Cardiovascular Health

  • Support healthy cholesterol and triglyceride within normal limits*
  • Balance testosterone and cortisol levels*
  • Support optimal hormone balance*


Support Sexual Health*

  • Support libido*
  • Support healthy sperm production, count and motility*

 Support Energy*

  • Support adrenal function*
  • Balance blood sugar levels*
  • Support insulin – glucogen balance within normal limits*

 In our research we saw improvements in all of the areas of health mentioned above. Click on the links below to go to an educational section of our website detailing how Revolution supports these health conditions and to access a complete guide from our medical team on all the steps you need to take to support those specific health conditions, including:

  1. Empowerment and Knowledge
  2. Hormone Balance
  3. Diet and Nutrition
  4. Lifestyle and Environment
  5. Exercise and Movement
  • I just turned 52 and had been taking Armor for low thyroid. My sex drive and overall endurance are terrific and I am back in the gym hitting the weight like in my 20's. Now to be honest I am using creatine and whey protein but for training. However, when I use [Revolution Macalibrium and pH Quintessence] during the times in my day that I normally hit a wall, I find a profound boost in energy and focus. I started in the natural products industry in 1981 so I have tried it all and seen many fads come and go.

    - Joe Yancy

    Chapel Hill, NC

We believe that there is no reason natural product companies can’t do everything right and Revolution Macalibrium® is the perfect illustration of that. The only ingredient in Revolution Macalibrium® is Maca-OG™, which has 5 defining factors:

  1. Scientific Research: Revolution Macalibrium® is the result of years of research which included pharmacology and toxicology. It is a highly concentrated proprietary formulation of different types of the herb maca (Lepidium peruvianum). Many people don’t know that there are in fact 13 different types (scientifically known as phenotypes) of maca. They are different colors, contain different active ingredient profiles and can have different effects on the body. Revolution Macalibrium® is a specific combination of these different types of maca designed for men to support hormone levels and metabolism, resulting in support for reproductive & sexual health, energy, reduce stress and cardiovascular health.

    To view an article titled “Are You Using the Right Type of Maca” by Dr. Peter Bablis ND, DC, LAc, Herbalist, Homeopath, PhD. click here opens a new page with this article

    Image of the different colors of maca

    To review our medical journal publications of all our scientific and clinical research and additional research click here

  2. Strongest Concentration on the Market: Many natural products do not have health benefits because they have such low levels of key active ingredients and/or do not include all the active ingredients found in the herb. Revolution Macalibrium® has concentrated levels of the full spectrum of active constituents and at levels up to ten times higher than raw maca.

  3. Highest Bio Availability: As you age, your ability to absorb key active ingredients is diminished and if you are spending money on a health product, why would you not want to be able to absorb all of it? Revolution Macalibrium® has the highest water solubility and bio-availability of any maca product. Normal raw maca is not very bio-available and is hard to digest. Being a tuber, much like a potato, it is traditionally cooked. Through Symphony Natural Health’s proprietary manufacturing process, which includes pre-gelatinization, water solubility is increased from 68% in normal raw maca to 99% in Revolution Macalibrium®.

    Click here to view the Revolution gelatinization analysis demonstrating this. opens a new page with this research

  4. Organic, Kosher, Vegan, Pure, Global Trade and Environmentally Friendly: Maca-OG™, the only ingredient in Revolution Macalibrium® is USDA, European Union and JAS (Japan) organically certified, as well as K Star Kosher certified. Revolution is completely vegan, gluten free and perfectly pure containing no magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, fillers, chemicals, excipients or additives. Our operation in Peru is the first to be Organic, Kosher and GMP certified. In addition our joint venture with locals takes fair trade to another level. By establishing infrastructure and manufacturing operations in Peru, Symphony Natural Health has created industry with year round employment, through a vertically integrated operation and now exports a value added finished product. This results in Symphony Natural Health injecting over five times more money into Peru’s economy than exporting a low cost basic herbal powder. Revolution is then packaged in the United States in a GMP, Organic and Kosher certified facility to the highest of standards. Quality control is taken one step further with oxygen barrier blister packs, which keep the product stable for up to 3 years versus bottles or jars, which our research has shown through oxidization and moisture can degenerate the active ingredients by over 50% within 6 months. Revolution is also packaged in recycled boxes which are printed with vegetable ink, helping to protect the environment.

     Links above to each page

  5. Money Back Guarantee Symphony Natural Health is so confident of the benefits of Revolution Macalibrium® that if you do not see a significant improvement in your health within 8 weeks, we are ready to refund your purchase price (shipping and handling not included).

Please note: The following research articles used various forms and phenotypes of maca. Therefore, consumers may experience different results when using Revolution Macalibrium, which was formulated using specific phenotypes selected for men's health and improved bioavailability.

Let’s face it the majority of us men don’t know the difference between a multi -vitamin, a herbal formulation or a mineral supplement when it comes to what impact it will have on our body.

So in order to make an informed decision we need to be empowered with information on exactly how our body works, what are the root causes of health conditions and what are the steps I need to take to address the root cause of that condition not just placate the symptoms.  

How the Body Works

 All information in the body is transferred via two messengers – neurotransmitters and hormones. Neurotransmitters help cells communicate through the nervous system and hormones enable cells to communicate through the blood stream. These two messenger systems control nearly every aspect of the body’s functions. As an example, did you know that testosterone increases HDL (“good” cholesterol), reduces LDL (“bad” cholesterol), maintains the elasticity of arteries (impacts blood pressure), increases muscle mass and impacts libido? That is why so many health issues like cholesterol, blood pressure and declining sexual function happen as we age, due to loss of hormones.

 Cardiovascular disease is the perfect example: Our risk gradually increases from our thirties as our hormone production gradually declines, while women have very low risk of cardiovascular disease until they reach menopause, when it sky rockets coinciding with their dramatic loss of hormones.

 So why not just take hormones?

 The issue with taking hormones, apart from the cost is that hormones in our body create almost a symphony, each playing its own important part in harmony with all the other hormones. This means adding one hormone to the mix can throw the rest of them out of balance so unfortunately it isn’t as simple as add one hormone and everything is fixed. Instead for optimal health and for there to be no side effects from changing one hormone level we need to look at all of them at the one time in harmony. This as you can imagine means a little bit of trial and error, not to mention potentially a cocktail of different hormones as well as other products to support the metabolization of hormones, detoxification and other areas which are impacted by introducing hormones into the body.

 Revolution Macalibrium® offers an alternative. Instead of introducing hormones into the body, Revolution nourishes the Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Adrenal, Testicular Axis to support the body’s own production of hormones. This Axis which has a biofeedback loop can balance and regulate its own production and conduct the symphony of hormones your individual body needs. This doesn’t mean it is the be all and end all and only product you need to take but it is the most important foundation to start with and build from there. For some Men this plus exercise, diet and lifestyle changes will be enough. While others may need additional support in various other areas to get perfect foundation health.

 Your diet, lifestyle and environmental toxicity can all impact the function of your glands as you age, resulting in hormone imbalance and eventual loss of hormone production. This loss of hormones (andropause) affect your body’s function, often leading to muscle loss, increased risk for cardiovascular disease, decline in mental health and sexual health.

 Traditional medical approaches have been to introduce hormones into the body to account for the body’s decreased production. However, Revolution offers a new approach of nourishing the hypothalamus and other glands to support the body’s own production of hormones. By nourishing the hypothalamus, or master gland, Revolution doesn’t just support testosterone production in the body but all hormones including growth hormone, thyroid and adrenal, as well as importantly supporting metabolic function.

 By supporting hormone production and metabolism the body is able to rebalance cholesterol and support heart health, muscle mass, energy and mental health.

 By nourishing the systems within the body (the Hypothalamus Pituitary Adrenal Axis) that balance and regulate the body’s function, Revolution is in essence able to turn back your biological clock and get your body to function at a more optimal rate based on your stage of life.

How Revolution Macalibrium® Supports Health Conditions?

Hormone balance is a key aspect of overall health and while hormones are frequently introduced into the body, such as steroids, Revolution supports the body’s own production of hormones. When hormone production is regulated and balanced, it is easier for your body to achieve overall physiological harmony. This means improvements in energy, mood, cardiovascular health and sexual health.*

Revolution Macalibrium® does not introduce any hormones into your body, instead it works with your body, stimulating the hypothalamus, pituitary, testicles and adrenal glands to support and balance hormones such as Testosterone, Growth Hormone and Thyroid and Adrenals*. Revolution therefore works in a unique way for every man. It supports your individual biological make-up and optimizes your general health status at your specific stage of your life. 

Standard dose: 1 capsule, twice daily, away from meals

  • First dose in the AM before breakfast
  • Second dose in the PM, ideally 30 minutes before you normally experience an energy low
  • Strong dose: For men who need stronger support

  • 2 capsules twice daily

Maintenance dose: After 4-8 months of use, if the body has been rebalanced, reduce the dose used to half the original dose.

Dosing break: In order to help the body reset itself, take 1 week break after 4 months of use, then take 1 week break every 8 weeks or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Result Timing: It can take between 1 – 3 months to rebalance the system.

1. Will there be side effects associated with taking Revolution Macalibrium®? For example, will it upset my gastrointestinal system?

 This is very uncommon. However, if you experience digestive upset consider:

• Decreasing the dose by half until digestive symptoms resolve

• Taking Revolution with food, then after 7-10 days try taking it between meals

• Including a probiotic to improve your gastrointestinal health

• Use Original Himalayan Crystal Salt and Sole therapy to assist in gastrointestinal absorption. Go to symphonynaturalhealth.com/himalayancrystalsalt


 Frequency                                                       Resolution

Diarrhea or Bloating                                      1 in 50 people                                   Usually resolves in 3-5 days. See FAQ above for more details.

Heart Flutters or “Feeling Funny”            1 in 100 people                                                Reduce dose

Sleep Disturbances                                        1 in 25 people                                   Reduce dose and/or take MacaLife earlier in the day

2. Is Revolution Macalibrium® contraindicated with other medications or over-the-counter medications?

 To date there appears that there are no contraindications with Revolution Macalibrium® and other medications.

3. What if I have had a history of prostate or testicular cancer?

 Although Revolution Macalibrium® does not introduce any hormones into the body (rather it supports your body’s own production of hormones), it is not recommended for individuals who have had a history of prostate or testicular cancer unless you are working with a doctor. For more guidance on how to use Revolution in this situation please contact us at medical.team@naturalhi.com.

4. Can I take Revolution Macalibrium® with my statin medication?

Yes. In fact Revolution Macalibrium®’s supports cardiovascular health.

5. Can I take Revolution Macalibrium® with my hypothyroid medication?

 Yes. We recommend starting with a light dose and increasing to a standard dose over 2 to 4 weeks. Initially, some you may experience symptoms associated with too much thyroid medication. If this is the case, discuss with your doctor the possibility of reducing your medication since taking revolution may reduce your need for hypothyroid medication*. Changing dosage of your medications should only be done under the supervision of your doctor.

 Be sure to take Revolution 1 hour before or after taking thyroid medication.

 Please note revolution can also be used to support hyperthyroid under the strict guidance of a doctor.