pH Quintessence is a 40:1 concentrate of a specific variety of alfalfa making it one of the most highly concentrated greens products on the market – fast-tracking alkalization and reducing inflammation. This specific variety of alfalfa’s unique analytical profile also makes it probably the most complete of any individual green plant, supporting all the phases of detoxification making it ideal for prevention, maintenance and detoxification of toxins and heavy metals.

pH Quintessence may help:

  • Maintain normal pH levels in the body
  • Beneficial in conditions like acid reflux and gout as an example.
  • Counteract the effects of acidic diets high in coffee, alcohol, meat, etc. and a demanding lifestyle.
  • Detoxify blood and remove free radicals.
  • Support skin health.
  • Enhance the body’s normal detoxification mechanisms for heavy metals.
  • I have been trying to detox and address my Irritable Bowel Syndrome gently and naturally for a long time now. After trying various juices, powders and pills – usually all at the same time – I am overjoyed at the rapid results of Quintessence after only a few weeks. My skin has cleared up, my digestive and IBS problems have virtually disappeared. And it is so simple just taking one capsule!

    - NW

    Sydney Australia

pH Quintessence is a proprietary concentrated 40:1 formulation made of a particular variety of alfalfa – a rich source of chlorophyll, beta-carotene, the poly-unsaturated fatty acids linolenic and linoleic acid, amino acids (including lysine, arginine, tyrosine, and leucine), calcium, iron, zinc, copper, and manganese.

Please note that the alfalfa used in pH Quintessence is grown in France, is Non-GMO and organically certified. In addition by only harvesting during a particular time in the plants life cycle, only using particular parts of the plant and the proprietary manufacturing process nearly all the phyto estrogens normally found in alfalfa do not occur and grass allergens are removed.

pH Quintessence Certificate of Analysis

 pH Quintessence is completely vegan and perfectly pure containing no magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, fillers, chemicals, excipients or additives. pH Quintessence is packaged in oxygen barrier blister packs, which keep the product stable for up to 3 years. pH Quintessence is also packaged in vegan capsules, recycled boxes which are printed with vegetable ink, helping to protect the environment.

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Why pH Quintessence addresses alkalization and detoxification, is cheaper and more effective than other green products:

 Nearly everyone knows that we need to eat green leafy vegetables and alkalize the body; however, eating the amount we are meant to has proven to be a challenge. Having the constitution to eat that many greens or having the time to prepare the amount needed has meant that many people don’t eat enough consistently, despite their best intentions. Because of this many people have looked for alternatives such as green powders or drinks. Unfortunately the majority of people don’t like the taste of these drinks or soon get over having to continually clean a blender or mixer several times a day!

The other alternative is green tablets, however due to their low concentrations most directions for use list recommended daily doses as 5-7 tablets 3 times a day(i.e. around 15-21 tablets per day). While most people may start off doing this, after a week of 21 green tablets every day a lot of people end up only taking around 5-7 a day, not getting the full benefit, don’t see strong results and stop.

pH Quintessence is the solution. The 40:1 concentration means that instead of needing 21 tablets a day you only need 3 capsules (or 6 if you are doing a detoxification program). In addition to much higher compliance, due to the small amount needed, results are higher and monthly cost is significantly cheaper when looking at comparable dosing. 

The other issue with green products is that, like vegetable proteins, they often aren’t complete. This is why many green products have a list of ingredients the length of your arm. After a lot of research Dr. Meissner, the head of our Research & Development, found that the variety of alfalfa used in pH Quintessence has one of the most complete ingredient profiles of any individual green plant. Because of this, pH Quintessence supports all the phases of detoxification, not just one, and supports many other key aspects of the detoxification process.

The effective oral dosage of pH Quintessence should be determined individually, ideally in consultation with your healthcare professional. As a general rule we recommend:

Adults – one capsule in the morning and two capsules in the evening, half an hour before meals.

Individuals weighing more than 190 lbs should consider two capsules in the morning and up to three capsules in the evening.

1. If I have grass allergies, can I take pH Quintessence?

 pH Quintessence is a gluten-free product and is suitable for those who cannot consume grasses due to allergens.  This is due to a proprietary harvesting and processing method.

2. I have been told to avoid phyto estrogens, doesn’t alfalfa have high levels of phyto estrogens?

 Many alfalfa products do have high phyto estrogen content.  However, pH Quintessence has been grown and harvested to reduce the phyto estrogen content, making it safe for those with estrogen concerns.

3. I have been told to avoid green leafy vegetables because I am taking Coumadin/warfarin.  Can I still take pH Quintessence?

pH Quintessence does contain a small amount of Vitamin K.  Please work with your prescribing physician to know if pH Quintessence is right for you.  Your physician is invited to contact our medical team at

4. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.