Thanksgiving Newsletter
Health Update - Will Thanksgiving dinner turn you into a sickness magnet?
Product Highlight- pH Quintessence is a natural pH harmonizer and detox support
Health Tip - Easy to implement tips to help you increase your vegetable intake


Alkalizing - Are you confused by alkalizing and acidifying foods? Don't be frustrated. You are not alone.

Blood Sugar  

Blood Sugar - As the obesity epidemic continues, blood sugar dyregulation continues to be viewed as a central tenet of increasing waist lines and body size and decreasing health status.


Chocolate - Not everyone likes chocolate, but those who do, love it. Is it possible that chocolate can be a health food? Find out here.


DOMS - Experts agree that movement and activity are key to a healthy life. However, when we push too hard (or even just hard enough), our bodies pay. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) often keeps us from our health routine. Find out what you can do about it and what's just folklore.


Inhaler - Are you familiar with a Neti pot? This technique is used along with saline solution to help wash and flush nasal passages. Wouldn't it be great if you could bring that washing and flushing action to the bronchial tree and lungs as well? Find out the safe approach to just that very question.


Melatonin - Perhaps the most misunderstood natural product of our day is melatonin. While melatonin is famous as a hormone that helps with sleep, there is much more that melatonin has to offer. Recent studies and theories are included here.

Menopause and Beyond  

Menopause and Beyond - Understanding Hormones, Your Body and A New, Long-Term Alternative to Hormone Therapy.


Salt - Why the right Salt is essential to your health Table Salt vs. Sea Salt vs. Himalayan Salt vs. Original Himalayan Crystal Salt

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