We believe all the years of your life should be honored and celebrated with the same enthusiasm. That your beauty, dignity and appeal never fade. Our mission is to end your feeling of being disempowered or discouraged by your body at any time, and to support you throughout your life with solutions that will have you rediscovering the joy and fulfillment of living within your own body.

Femmenessence MacaHarmony is one of those tools, to support hormone balance, menstrual and reproductive health in women during your reproductive years.It is the highest potency natural product to support the balance and regulation of a woman’s own hormone production. Most importantly, instead of introducing hormones into your body, Femmenessence nourishes your body's own hormone production, and nothing is more natural than your own hormones.

Hormone imbalance has now become the primary issue for women of all ages. Poor diet, toxicity, lifestyle and lack of exercise, combined with xenobiotic (foreign) hormones or hormone-mimicking substances in food, cosmetics, plastics and hair care products are responsible for an array of health conditions ranging from

  • Fluid retention, bloating and acne
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS
  • Low energy
  • mood swings, postpartum, mental health
  • hair loss
  • irregular menstruation
  • fertility issues

To date the standard approach has been to use Oral Birth Control (OBC) or “the Pill” to regulate and control hormone levels. In fact current statistics are that over 60% of women under the age of 36 are on some form Birth Control with over half primarily using it for “off prescription” reasons such as regulation of cycle, PMS, etc ie not for contraception. However OBC does not necessarily correct hormone levels within the body but instead manipulates and controls hormone levels by introducing them into the body at specific times. This process of introducing hormones into the body therefore often masks conditions and symptoms, as opposed to correcting them. Many women, when coming off OBC years later, may experience symptoms returning or even worse symptoms.

Instead of introducing hormones into the body to manipulate and control hormone levels and mask symptoms, Femmenessence supports the body’s own production of hormones through the Hypothalamus Pituitary Adrenal Ovarian Axis, which controls the regulation of hormone production. By supporting these master glands Femmenessence is actually correcting the body’s hormone imbalance addressing the cause and the symptoms.

Many health issues women experience during their reproductive years can be the result of various causes in combination. No two women are the same, each with their own individual health status. For that reason we always recommend contacting our medical team to support you on your journey to more health, happiness and balance.

  • Before I recommend hormones or herbs, I begin the process of supporting a patient's hormonal balance with Femmenessence. In conjunction with lifestyle modification, this plant-based intervention serves to reeducate the complex feedback loops between her brain and endocrine system. In this way, we are leveraging the power of natural medicine to heal. In 6 years of clinical use of this product, the results, within two cycles, remain astounding.

    - Kelly Brogan, MD

    kellybroganmd.com New York, NY

  • "As a Health Coach specializing in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), I work with a lot of women who have issues with their cycles. I recommend Femmenessence MacaHarmony to many of my clients. Combined with diet and lifestyle change, this superfood supplement has proven time and again to be a powerful cycle regulator.

    - Amy Medling, CHC

    Founder of PCOSDiva.com

  • I am very pleased with Femmenessence MacaHarmony. This is great for me, as I have PCOS and insulin resistance and it's very hard for me to cycle on my own. Thank you for your recommendations and help.

    - Lakeshia H.

    Greensboro, NC

  • I started taking MacaHarmony and about two months in - I noticed major changes in my cycle. The most obvious being that I no longer had cramps or PMS before the onset of my period. The first month this happened - I was so shocked when I went to the bathroom and I had gotten my cycle - I went running to my calendar and counted days and was amazed that I had not had any symptoms at all! You got to love that!!

    - Karen F

    Portland ME

  • I just wanted to send you an update on my reaction to going off of the oral contraceptive and onto Femmenessence. I was on Femmenessence for 4 months on the high dose (2 in the morning and 2 in the evening) and completely off of the birth control since then I have dropped the dose of Femmenessence to 2 in the morning and still everything is fine 7 months later. None of my symptoms (rapid hair growth, weight gain, acne) have returned and I had my period right on time. Thank you again for all of your help. I am feeling healthy and happy and as energetic as I was as a teenager! It is fantastic. If you need a spokesperson for your product, let me know! :)

    - Jordyn H.

    New Mexico

  • A young girl of 16 years of age was suffering from bloating, heavy periods, cramping, acne and weight gain. She had tried many food allergy diets and so on for her bloating and weight gain. She had also tried many cleansers, lotions and so on for her acne. After taking a history and examining this patient and all the supplements she was already taking, I suggested adding Femmenessence to her list of supplements – as Femmenessence will assist with her overall neuronal tone and hormonally adaptability. Naturally this was going to be her best possible approach. We started her on one capsule morning and night. Within 7 days her skin started showing obvious signs of improvements. Her following period was still heavy but there was no cramping. Within 4 weeks her acne had improved by 80%, she had no bloating and her subsequent period was not heavy and there were no cramps. By 6 weeks she noticed her jeans were loose on her and she subsequently realized she had lost some weight through improved metabolic function. She is now taking 2 capsules morning and night to maintain adequate neuronal and hormonal tone.

    - Peter Bablis PhD, D.C., N.D., LAc, CN

    Sydney Australia

  • After the birth of my son, I was very angry and depressed. I tried medication and therapy for nine months, but nothing could make me feel better. After doctors told me there wasn’t much they could do, I decided to do research about natural supplements to regularize hormones and I came across Femmenessence. After just three days, I noticed a dramatic change in my mood and energy. And just three months later, I made a full recovery and I have been doing great ever since. I recommend it to anyone whose hormones are out of whack or whose energy levels are almost nil. For me it was a lifesaver!

    - Laura C.

  • -

Our vision, to lead the natural products industry, means that our products must reflect that leadership in every way.

From results, to research, to quality, purity, farming and even packaging, we created a line of products that meet all of our and our customers high standards. 

Femmenessence MacaHarmony contains MacaHarmony a highly concentrated proprietary formulation of different types of the herb maca (Lepidium peruvianum) for hormone balance, menstrual and reproductive health. There are 13 different types (scientifically known as phenotypes) of maca, that are different colors, contain different active ingredient profiles and most importantly have different effects in the body. For example one type of maca is for men’s fertility and another is for women’s fertility, one type of maca supports prostate health and none of the others do, two support bone health and one is ideal for menopausal symptoms.

Traditionally in Peru, the native people mixed all the different types of maca together in the natural ratios that it grows, made it into a powder and said that was “maca”. However clinical research over the last 10 years has shown that this traditional ratio of maca, that you find in your local health food store, contains the ratio of maca that is more ideal for energy and men’s fertility. In fact, it has been shown in published clinical trials that this traditional ratio of maca has never demonstrated statistically significant effects on hormones in peri and post-menopausal women. For years it has been stated that maca balances hormones in women and yet it has only been shown in clinical trials using Femmenessence. In clinical use, doctors have even seen that the wrong type of maca can be detrimental for women with certain hormone imbalance conditions, while Femmenessence can help those same conditions. Using the right type of maca is critical and after 10 years of research the Femmenessence line has been designed with three different combinations of maca, specific for women at each stage of life. In addition Femmenessence uses organic farming, is 100% vegan and has concentrated levels up to 10 times what is found in raw maca and over 40% higher water solubility to maximized the bioavailability and body’s ability to absorb Femmenessence.

For more information read “Are You Using the Right Type of Maca” by Dr. Peter Bablis click here

Strongest Concentration on the Market: Below is an analytical comparison between Femmenessence and the highest concentrated maca extracts in the US (10:1) and Europe (5:1).

Amino Acids                                                                          Glucosinolates

  1. Femmenessence
  2. Arginin standard
  3. 10:1 maca extract
  4. 5:1 maca extract
  5. Prolin standard
  6. Femmenessence
  1. Femmenessence
  2. 10:1 maca extract
  3. 10:1 maca extract
  4. 5:1 maca extract
  5. Sinigrin - standard
  6. Femmenessence

Organic, Kosher, Vegan, Pure, Global Trade and Environmentally Friendly

The ingredients in Femmenessence are USDA, European Union and JAS (Japan) organically certified, as well as K Star Kosher certified.

Femmenessence is vegan, contains no gluten, dairy, soy, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, fillers, chemicals or additives.

Our operation in Peru was the first to be Organic, Kosher and GMP certified. In addition our joint venture with locals injects three times the investment into the economy. By establishing infrastructure and manufacturing operations in Peru, Symphony Natural Health has created industry with year round employment, through a vertically integrated operation and now exports a value added finished product.

Femmenessence is then packaged in the United States in a GMP, Organic and Kosher certified facility to the highest of standards. Quality control is taken one step further with oxygen barrier blister packs, which keep the product stable for up to 3 years versus packs or bottles, which our research has shown through oxidization and moisture can degenerate the active ingredients by over 50% within 6 months.

In Peru we engage in environmentally sustainable and organic farming and Femmenessence is packaged in recycled boxes that are printed with vegetable ink.

                                      Organic Femmenessence  Kosher Femmenessence  Vegan Femmenessence    Gluten Free Femmenessence    Perfessence Femmenessence    Recycled Femmenessence


PCOS Diva – Femmenessence Q&A re PCOS


Femmenessence for Post-Partum: Reader Favorite by Better Nutrition Magazine


Are you using the right type of Maca? By Peter Bablis D.C., N.D., LAc, Dip. Medical Herbalist, Homeopathy, Dip. Clinical Nutrition, PhD (cand)


Maca new insights on an ancient herb – The Integrative Medicine Clinicians Journal, article by Dr Tori for more information or to subscribe to IMCJ go to www.imjournal.com


Care before Conception – The Foundation of True Health By Jan Roberts B.Pharm (Hons); Dip. Clinical Nutrition International speaker and best-selling author.


Women Power - Natural Products Market Place - Editorial Cover and pages 22-24

The Story of Essence - How one company rescued a Premarin Foal, helps teenage girls and could improve the health of millions of women around the world. By Karolyn A. Gazella, Executive Director, Medicine Horse Program.

Femmenessence Harmony contains the proprietary ingredient MacaHarmony which is only available in our products. Maca-GO was originally the sole ingredient in Femmenessence MacaHarmony however due to additional research into different maca phenotypes the formulation in Femmenessence MacaHarmony was modified to include 75% Maca-GO and 25% of a proprietary maca phenotype combination focused on focused on fertility, PMS and bone health.

Below is a White Paper summary discussing all of the research in easy to follow terms and goes through the history of our research. This is the ideal first paper to read from the below list:

  • White Paper – Clinical Effects of a Proprietary, Standardized, Concentrated, Organic Lepidium Peruvianum Formulation (Maca-GO) as an Alternative to HRT by Ronald Carter, M.D.
    Download Paper

Many health issues women experience during their reproductive years can be the result of many different causes in combination. Often no two women are the same, each with their own individual health status. For that reason we have provided you with some guidance to better support specific health conditions

This section discusses Femmenessence versus other treatment options such as Oral Birth Control (OBC), Bio Identical Hormones or herbal alternatives.

If you want to know how Femmenessence compares to raw maca, gelatinized maca and maca extracts click on this article which discusses how different Femmenessence is, only using specific types of maca, high concentrations, bio availability and how it is currently the only natural product (maca or otherwise) that has published clinical trials demonstrating statistically significant changes in hormone levels.

Currently you have four options with hormone imbalance conditions:

  1. Do nothing
  2. Oral Birth Control (OBC) or bio-identical hormones
  3. Herbal alternatives
  4. Femmenessence MacaHarmony

In order to make an informed decision you need to be empowered with information on exactly how the body works, how these conditions manifest and what potential positive and negative affects the above choices can have on your body and overall health.  

How the Body Works

All information in the body is transferred via two messengers – neurotransmitters and hormones. Neurotransmitters help cells communicate through the nervous system and hormones enable cells to communicate through the blood stream. These two messenger systems control nearly every aspect of the body’s functions. As an example, did you know that estrogen increases HDL (“good” cholesterol), reduces LDL (“bad” cholesterol), maintains the elasticity of arteries (impacts blood pressure), lines the vaginal wall and slows bone loss? That is why so many health issues like cholesterol, blood pressure and bone density loss happen around menopause, due to loss of hormones.

Cardiovascular disease is the perfect example: Men’s risk gradually increases from their thirties as their hormone production gradually declines, while women have very low risk of cardiovascular disease until they reach menopause, when it sky rockets. In fact, it is estimated that when a woman reaches post menopause it only takes about 7 years for her cardiovascular risk to reach that of a man of the same age and her risk  quickly surpasses his, even though it took him over 30 years to get there! This risk correlates almost identically to hormone levels that are relatively normal until menopause, when hormone production significantly drops and continues to decline into later life, while risk for cardiovascular disease continues to rise.

So Why Not Just Control Hormone Production?

Historically over the last 40 years doctors have used OBC or hormone therapies to do manipulate and control hormone levels in the body. However research is now starting to show potential side effects associated with long term hormone use from infertility, to depression, reduced immune system function and much more. In addition while OBC works well while being used, once stopped many women’s conditions resurface and even in some cases worse as OBC doesn’t address the root cause of hormone imbalance, instead introduces hormones to create an manipulated balance.

 Were Doctors Wrong to Prescribe Hormones?

No, as at the time OBC was the only known option which had statistically significant effects on hormones. In addition while many herbs can address symptoms around the condition none can actual impact hormones quickly enough or to the levels needed. However more recently research into Femmenessence which nourishes the Hypothalamus Pituitary Adrenal Ovarian Axis that controls all hormone production in the body has provided a new alternative. More importantly, instead of introducing one, two or more hormones into the body Femmenessence regulates the body’s own production of all hormones addressing the actual root cause of the condition, not just the symptoms… and nothing is more natural than your own hormones. Femmenessence is the category leader with over an 80% success rate and some of the top doctors around the world in women’s health and fertility using it. Because Femmenessence works on getting the body into balance, versus manipulating or controlling a system in the body, it can take time which is why we always recommend women use Femmenessence for 4 months continuously to start in order to realize all the health benefits as the longer a woman takes Femmenessence the more improvements she will experience. Our research has also shown that once the average woman has been on Femmenessence for 4-8 months, she will only need half the dose originally recommended for maintenance because once you are in balance, you are in balance. And unlike some products where as soon as you stop, you are back to square one, Femmenessence has a long “tail” of health benefits. In addition, after the initial period where a box of 120 capsules lasts you two months, once in the maintenance phase a 120 capsule box will last for four months, further reducing cost to 29 cents a day.

 Femmenessence is safe. Our pharmacology research demonstrated that Femmenessence is non-toxic even at consumption levels the equivalent of 1kg per day!

 More detail on how Femmenessence works

 The production of different hormones is controlled in the body by a gland called the hypothalamus, which in turn controls other glands such as the pituitary, adrenal, thyroid, pineal and ovaries. The hypothalamus can also control neurotransmitters making it nearly the most important part of your body and this is why it is often referred to as the master gland. In fact, some people in the medical field believe menopause is not the shutting down of the ovaries, but the aging of the hypothalamus, which controls the ovaries and other glands like the thyroid, which is also becoming more and more of an issue for women. Similarly younger women’s hypothalamus can be impacted by diet, lifestyle and environmental toxicity reducing its function early. This combined with xeno estrogen’s and other hormone mimicking compounds can throw the bio feedback function of the hypothalamus out of balance again resulting in hormone imbalance.

How Femmenessence Supports Health Conditions? 

Hormone balance is a key aspect of overall health and while hormones are frequently introduced via IVF or via the contraceptive pill to alleviate symptoms or manipulate hormonal profiles, Femmenessence MacaHarmony™ supports natural hormone balance. When hormone production is regulated and balanced, it is easier for your body to achieve overall physiological harmony. This means fewer menstrual symptoms and support for your general health as well as support for preconception health and fertility.*

Femmenessence MacaHarmony™ does not introduce any hormones into your body, instead it works with your body, stimulating the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands to support and balance hormones such as FSH, Estrogen, LH, Thyroid and Progesterone*. Femmenessence therefore works in a unique way for every woman. It supports your individual biological make-up and optimizes your general health status at your specific stage of your life. 

Standard dose: 1 capsule, twice daily, away from meals

• First dose in the AM before breakfast

• Second dose in the PM, ideally 30 minutes before you normally experience an energy low

Light dose: For women who are more sensitive to higher clinical dosages consider

• 1 capsule in the AM

Strong dose: For women who have severe conditions 2 capsules, twice daily and consult your healthcare professional for additional


Maintenance dose: After 4-8 months of use, if the body has been rebalanced, reduce the dose used to half the original dose.

Dosing break: In order to help the body reset itself, take 1 week break after 4 months of use, then take 1 week break every 8 weeks or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Result Timing: It can take between 1 – 4 cycles to rebalance the system. 

Our suggestion is that you always begin this process by consulting your healthcare practitioner. 

1. Will there be side effects associated with taking MacaHarmony®? For example, will it upset my gastrointestinal system?

 This is very uncommon. However, if you experience digestive upset consider:

• Decreasing the dose by half until digestive symptoms resolve

• Taking MacaHarmony® with food, then after 7-10 days try taking it between meals

• Including a probiotic to improve your gastrointestinal health

• Use Himalayan Crystal Salt and Sole therapy to assist in gastrointestinal absorption. Go to www.himalayancrystalsalt.com


 Frequency                                                       Resolution

Headache                                                          1 in 100 people                                                Reduce dose, usually resolves within 1-2 days

Strong Emotions                                             1 in 30 people                                   Usually resolves within 1 month

Diarrhea or Bloating                                      1 in 50 people                                   Usually resolves in 3-5 days. See FAQ above for more details.

Heart Flutters or “Feeling Funny”            1 in 100 people                                                Reduce dose

Sleep Disturbances                                        1 in 25 people                                   Reduce dose and/or take MacaLife earlier in the day

2. Can I take MacaHarmony® if I am taking Oral Birth Control? Yes. MacaHarmony® will not affect the contraceptive function of Birth Control.

Note: If you are taking Birth Control to regulate menstrual cycle or for PMS symptom relief we suggest stopping and only using MacaHarmony®

3. Is MacaHarmony® contraindicated with other medications or over-the-counter medications?

MacaHarmony® is not recommended for individuals who have been prescribed or are currently taking Tamoxifen or any medications used to suppress hormone production.

4. What if I have had a history of hormone-dependent cancer, such as breast cancer?

Although MacaHarmony® does not introduce any hormones into the body (rather it supports your body’s own production of hormones), it is not recommended for individuals who have had a history of hormone-dependent cancer unless you are working with a doctor. For more guidance on how to use MacaHarmony® in this situation please contact us at medical.team@naturalhi.com.

5. Can I take MacaHarmony® with my hypothyroid or hyperthyroid mediction?

Hypothyroid: Yes. We recommend starting with a light dose and increasing to a standard dose over 2 to 4 weeks. Initially, some women may experience symptoms associated with too much thyroid medication. If this is the case, discuss with your doctor the possibility of reducing your medication since taking MacaHarmony® may reduce your need for hypothyroid medication*. Changing dosage of your medications should only be done under the supervision of your doctor.

Be sure to take MacaHarmony® 1 hour before or after taking thyroid medication.

Hyperthyroid: Yes, MacaHarmony® can be used to support hyperthyroid however only under the strict guidance of a doctor. For more information please contact our medical.team@naturalhi.com

6. Can I take MacaHarmony® when I am pregnant?

We recommend stopping MacaHarmony® once you have confirmed you are pregnant, towards the end of the first trimester, unless otherwise directed by your healthcare professional.

7. Can I take MacaHarmony® when I am breast feeding?

We recommend not taking MacaHarmony® until a month before you intend to stop breast feeding unless otherwise directed by your healthcare professional. However once the decision to stop breast feeding has been made we do recommend starting MacaHarmony® to support the transition into hormone balance.