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You Are the Salt of the Earth

". . .all of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean, and, therefore,we have salt in our blood, in our sweat, in our tears. We are tied to the ocean. And, when we go back to the sea. . . we are going back to whence we came." John F. Kennedy      

People are always asking me how I came involved with The Original Himalayan Crystal Salt®, or OHCS, as I refer to it. The simplest explanation is Fate, Destiny, or for those of you not intimidated by the word, Karma. "It is what it is" has become my fervent belief and conviction. Do you believe in Destiny? Do you believe that everything in your life is pre-planned according to a perfect design of a Higher order? Is it possible that Destiny has guided you here, to this web site, just to read what I’ve written . . . exclusively for you?

If not, you would not be here reading this!  It is what it is. And, right now, at this moment, this is your Reality! This could be an opportunity for you to discover something remarkable about yourself and the possibility to discover an important "piece of the puzzle" that can unlock the secret, mind-blowing Truth that lies at the core of your existence.

Ed Leach

Ed Leach
Founder, &
Co-Founder - Original Himalayan Crystal Salt®

A Letter From Me

Re: How You Can Maximize Your Energy Potential And Heighten Your Reality Experience With Original Himalayan Crystal Salt®.

Before reading the life-changing book, Water & Salt, The Essence of Life by Dr. Barbara Hendel, MD, and Peter Ferreira, I never gave much thought about the quality of my salt, although I was using what I believed to be the best brand sea salt and quite aware of the fact that I should exercise caution when choosing my drinking water. But after reading this astounding book, my perspective of these two basic elements, my perspective of life, and my entire life in general, has unalterably changed for the better, forever!

Incredibly, the changes occurred without any conscious effort on my part. It just happened!

You too may not spend much time thinking about it, but I can tell you that the quality of the water and the quality of the salt that you put into your body every day, affects your physical, mental, emotional, and, because all are interrelated, even spiritual, wellness. I believe that if these two fundamental areas of your life are adjusted in a positive way, all other areas of your life will naturally be affected in the same positive way, automatically.

It happened for me and the same can happen for you.

In fact, all life-giving processes in the universe, from the subtle to the physically manifested, are closely inter linked to the energy potentials that are released when water and the right kind of salt come together. Every metabolic function of the body relies on the presence of water and salt.

The only subject you need to be concerned with regarding your entire, complete well being, is ENERGY; and the higher the quality of ENERGY that you put into your body, the higher quality of LIFE you will achieve. And, OPTIMUM wellness will automatically follow. ENERGY = LIFE   And, Life comes from Life.


How do you achieve optimum health and stay that way?

It’s simple. You take care of yourself.

You give yourself adequate rest, and take time for moments of introspection and silence.

You surround yourself with people you love and like, who love and like you, and in whose company your feel lifted up.

You eat foods that have the highest quality and content of energy, and these contribute to your energy reserves. Foods that are prepared by Nature are most energetic and your body easily recognizes and assimilates the energy in these natural, unprocessed foods; vegetables, fruits, nuts, organic whenever possible - keeps you from feeling bogged down and gives you energy. Remember LIFE = ENERGY   And, Life comes from Life.

What you may not know is that even if you do these things, you may be counteracting your health by drinking poor-quality water and ingesting the wrong kind of salt that, among other harmful side-effects, (dissonant or harmful energy) causes your body to retain water, raises your blood pressure as well as impacting your health in other well-documented and known to be harmful ways.

Fortunately, the solution is simple:

Drink high-quality "living" water and use an all-natural, mineral-rich salt which has been scientifically demonstrated to possess inherent properties that are not only vital to your existence, but has also been clinically shown to effect positive improvements in your bodily functions.

Regardless of who you are and what your lifestyle is at this moment, or of any other wellness activities in which you are now engaged - even (and especially) if you are doing little or nothing - when you read the book, Water&Salt,  and use - as directed - Original Himalayan Crystal Salt products that you’ll receive in your Power Pack, you will notice yourself feeling better in one or more ways - physically, mentally, and/or even spiritually - or I will personally refund every penny you invest into purchasing this offer.

What I’ve come to personally experience with Original Himalayan Crystal Salt has transformed my entire view of health, wellness, and happiness and has raised my conscious awareness immensely. I want you to experience it for yourself. Only then can you know and believe that you have achieved something of value and benefit.



From a Customer

Dean Cowan

I have been into natural foods for over 30 years. The internet has allowed me to take my love of health foods to an unbelievable level. Unfortunately, I seem to be the only one I know who is impassioned about natural health supplements and foods and I sometimes "cave in" at weekend get-together's and eat unhealthy foods along with everyone else. This was the case last weekend and I caught a cold Sunday night, a rare event for me. It started with acid reflux and progressed with constipation (I normally have four bowel movements per day), strep throat, extreme nasal drip and coughing. Nevertheless, I could feel that my usually strong immune system was already overcoming these conditions in less than 36 hours. I felt I would be near normal again on the third day. However, in the middle of last night, my acid reflux, sore throat, runny nose and congested cough worsened to my amazement. During the sleepless night last night, I thought to try your Himalayan crystal salt solution (SOLE) which I received for the very first time two days earlier (Monday). It had been sitting in the water for over 24 hrs but I was planning on taking it upon rising this morning (Wednesday). I prayed the salt solution would offer any night-time relief for my miserable pain and third night of sleep deprivation.

Here's what happened after drinking the Sole solution in water: -- my acid reflux and headache stopped immediately, fifteen minutes later my cough and sinuses dried up (this I really could not believe!). I could feel the solution working it's way through my digestive system and in the morning it helped me produce a bowel movement. I was able to sleep the rest of the night and I felt enough energy to go to work where I had to find time to write this thank you e-mail. I am soooo sold on your product and it's only been one day! Nothing like positive physiological feedback from one's own body to prove the benefits of a health product!

I can't wait to have many days of Sole supplementation behind me. I know this product will mix well with the other world-class health foods and supplements I take to provide me with optimum health. I see from your web site FAQs that I may also take Sole to benefit my weekly Thursday fast - I'm really looking forward to that and rest assured I will be purchasing other Himalayan crystal salt products from your web site.

Thank you again for offering such a tremendous product and allowing me to write this grateful e-mail.

To our health!




When you replace whatever salt you’re now using with

Original Himalayan Crystal Salt®

Your body recognizes and accepts it as a source of pure energy
 rather than a harmful substance.

Every human body reacts to the HIGH QUALITY ENERGY of Original Himalayan Crystal Salt exactly the same way. The ENERGY contained in our salt brings your body’s regulatory system (homeostasis) into balance. A balanced homeostasis means everything is NORMAL. Normal organ functions, Normal blood pH, Normal digestive system functions, Normal brain activity, Normal respiration, and it also helps remove heavy metals from your body.

There are no thoughts, no actions, no LIFE, without salt in your body.

Every function of your body absolutely relies on SALT. Your body is craving the exact salt of which you are made. Remember – the higher quality of ENERGY you put into your body – the higher quality of your LIFE. PERIOD!

Salt is the transmitter and conductor of all electrical activity (Energy) in your body.

With Original Himalayan Crystal Salt, you won’t suffer the effects of edema (water retention), because your body will no longer need to sacrifice its own precious cell water as a means of protecting your organs from the damages of the poisonous sodium found in most processed and chemically refined salts, including sea salts.

As a matter of fact, results of a comprehensive double-blind scientific study with The Original Himalayan Crystal Salt conducted at the Inter-University of Graz, Austria, demonstrated that the patients in the study who used Original Himalayan Crystal Salt "saw significant positive changes in respiratory, circulatory, organ, connective tissue and nervous system functions."

In addition, some of the other benefits reported by the patients in the study, that you too might experience include:

  • Increases in the Quality of Sleep
  • Increased Energy and Concentration Levels
  • Increased Brain Activity
  • Weight Loss
  • Enhanced Consciousness
  • Noticeable Hair and Nail Growth

Many people experienced even more benefits, such as greater peace of mind, and a sense of "connectedness" that has been previously lacking or diminished in their life.

From a Customer

David Bohmer

I am intrigued by the response of my body to the sole treatment. After fourteen years of disastrous nights I still find it hard to believe it is 8:00 am when I wake for the first time and not 1:30 am. My bladder has also been relieved of its need to empty itself four or five times during the night. Original Himalayan Crystal Salt is really incredible stuff and I am now working with a leading world scientist on pain relief using the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt.

There is no other salt that has yet been shown to compare to the all-natural
Original Himalayan Crystal Salt
, and none that has been so extensively researched.

Replacing the salt you now use with Original Himalayan Crystal Salt will help you to improve your health and provide a strong foundation for creating and maintaining optimal wellness.

If I could, I would personally visit your home and throw out all the salt you now have in you kitchen! That’s how passionate I am about making sure that you never put this poison into your body ever again.

But this isn′t possible.So the best way to introduce you to our precious
Original Himalayan Crystal Salt is also your best deal.

When you purchase your Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Intro Pack
you’ll receive the following three items:

1. The Book "Water & Salt"
by Dr. Barbara Hendel, MD and biophysicist Peter Ferreira

This is the book that changed my life and continues to positively change the lives of everyone who reads it.
It is the first - and definitive - work that scientifically examines your body’s relationship to water and salt, and puts it in a clear, easy-to-understand language. The authors reveal that all life-giving properties in the universe are closely tied to the energy potentials that are released when water and salt combine.

You’ll learn about Sole (so-lay) - a saturated mixture of Original Himalayan Crystal Salt and water - the essential solution that helps your cells absorb and derive the greatest amount of energy and value, and can restore balanced energy to your body.

The authors lead you on a physical and metaphysical exploration of the two essential elements of water and salt, and how they impact you every day of your life. They broaden your viewpoint and offer you choices fro creating your maximal wellness simply by being attentive to the water and salt that you put into your body. Chapters include:

  • Origin of Life
  • Life-Force and Energy
  • Health and Disease from a Biophysical Point of View
  • The Healing Properties of Water
  • The Processing of Water
  • Water and Salt - Primary Elements of All Life
  • The Neutralizing Effects of Salt
  • Research Findings
  • Sole - The Creation of Life
  • The Healing Effects of Sole
  • Sole Drinking Therapy
  • The Therapeutic Effects of the Sole Bath
  • Sole Wraps
  • Applications for The Original Himalayan Crystal Salt: The Skin
  • Allergies
  • Colds
  • Diseases of the Locomotive System
  • Kidney and Bladder Problems
  • Heart and Circulatory Diseases
  • Nervousness, Poor Concentration, Sleeping Disorders
  • Cancer
  • Female Related Problems
  • Heavy Metals
  • Salt Based Cosmetics
  • and More. . .

Everyone should read, and can easily understand this book, which includes practical suggestions for how to apply this knowledge in your daily life. In the German-speaking countries, this book was on the bestseller list for 3 consecutive years beginning immediately after it was published. Now that it’s available in English, you can discover and benefit from what hundreds of thousands of Europeans have been enjoying for several years.


2. The Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Stones (1000g - 2.2 lbs.)

The Original Himalayan Crystal Salt® Stones are the easiest - and most aesthetically beautiful - way to make your Sole, which can also be used as a "liquid salt" for all of your cooking and culinary uses.

Like all of the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt products, our Stones:

  • Come from a time when the Earth was a pristine ecosystem
  • Are captivating pink diamond-like crystals that from an exclusive source deep within the Himalayan Mountains.
  • Are truly precious natural crystal salt with supreme bio-energetic properties.
  • Contain 84 minerals and trace elements essential to your body’s health.
  • Possesses a perfect crystalline structure, resulting in perfect Energy for your body.
  • Restores your body’s alkaline balance and replace electrolytes naturally.
  • Have been extensively researched.
  • Are hand-mined with respect for Nature, the environment and the workers.

3. The Original Himalayan Crystal Salt - Fine Granulated(1,000g - 2.2 lbs.)

Science tells us that our body absolutely requires 500 mg of sodium per day just to stay alive. The USDA recommends no more than 2,500 mg of sodium per day as a maximum. If you’re like most Americans, you take in over 5,000 mg - 10 times more than you need - of chemically refined, poisonous sodium.

Eating this amount of processed salt results in - among other health problems - excess water retention, leading to high blood pressure and heart disease. In such high doses, processed salt becomes poisonous to our bodies - not enough to kill us quickly, but gradually causing our health to deteriorate more and more each and every day.

But most of us like salt. And, there’s no need to eliminate it from your diet. Original Himalayan Crystal Salt is not only an all-natural, holistic salt, but unlike processed salt that you’re now using (even most sea salt today is processed and comes from oceans that are increasingly polluted) Original Himalayan Crystal Salt has actually been shown to be good for you and gives you energy. Original Himalayan Crystal Salt is a Life-Giving Salt, not a Life-Taking Salt. It’s very flavorful on its own and also brings out the essential flavor of foods in ways other salt simply cannot. It’s beautiful pink color reflects the vitality held within the crystalline structure.

Only 49.95


From a Customer

Brian Pace, San Rafael, CA


My name is Brian Pace and I first want to say that Original Himalayan Crystal Salt is an incredible product.  I'll try my best to keep it short.
I'm a Mountain Biker who is about one year from the Pro Status, and I had a big problem with cramping up in races. I never took any kind of salt at all.  I ate all my food completely salt free,  meaning I didn't add any salt. This did hurt me as I cramped-up 9 out of the 10 races in the season
My roommate bought this product and I scanned over the
Water&Salt book. I then decided to make a container of of Sole.  What a difference in my Mountain Biking!  I used to lose at least 6 lbs. of water weight in my normal training ride of 1 1/2 hrs.  Now, I only lose about 3 lbs. of water weight in a 3 hour training ride. I have doubled my training time, and I lose half the amount of water weight as I did before.  I have not even felt a twinge in my legs which I normally do and usually leads to cramping.  It has pretty much been nonexistent. Not to mention, I'm riding faster, harder, and for a longer period of time.  After 1 1/2 hours, my legs would just shut down.  Now, after 2 hours my legs are still super charged.  I also have noticed that my recovery time is a lot faster.  I'm out doing another hard training ride on back to back days.  I retain more water because of drinking a teaspoon of Sole per day. Going into my New Season I know that Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Sole will be my secret weapon at the end of the race when riders are dropping out and running out of gas.
It has also changed my taste buds. I find myself eating more salads, and less red meat, pork and processed foods. I lean towards more alkaline food like spinach, celery, watermelon, and cucumber.  As a result I have lost a tremendous amount of weight.

The photos below are to show that I have leaned down from 213 lbs to 182 lbs using this product.


You’re just a click away from ordering your Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Intro Pack, which will be shipped to you the same day we receive your payment.

If you’ve read this far and you’re still reading, you probably want to make sure that you’re getting a good - no GREAT - deal. And you are!

At regular prices, these products, if purchased individually, would cost $76.50

The Book - Water & Salt, The Essence of Life - $17.50
2.2lbs.  Original Himalayan Crystal Salt, Stones - $29.50 
2.2 lbs. Original Himalayan Crystal Salt, Fine Granulated - $29.50

But when you get them together in this Intro Pack,
you can get all three for only 49.95 - That’s 34% Off!

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Original Himalayan Crystal Salt® - THE ONE

In their phenomenal book "Water & Salt, The Essence of Life," authors and respected researchers Dr. Barbara Hendel, MD and Peter Ferreira, refer to a scientific double-blind study proving the many physical and subtle benefits of Original Himalayan Crystal Salt. The researchers on the staff at the University in Graz, Austria, who conducted this extensive study used the salt from one single mine - and we’re the ONLY authorized importer in all of North and South America of crystal salt from that mine, which we offer to you under the brand name of Original Himalayan Crystal Salt. Ours is the salt used in the study and referred to by the authors themselves in their book.

Ours is the Original,
The Premium, and the Only Original Himalayan Crystal Salt®.

Look for our trademarked brand:

Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Trademark

to ensure you’re getting the highest quality,
scientifically proven Original Himalayan Crystal Salt


More Customers Share With You

I’m a senior citizen and have been using the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt for about three weeks.

In the morning I take my teaspoon of Sole (the salt solution) with a glass of pure water on an empty stomach and follow that with a second glass of water. I’ve found it to be quite incredible. My energy has increased tremendously. I don’t go through those tired feelings in the afternoon anymore. The fat is melting off my body without really any change in diet. Those are the two main things that have happened to me. I notice that my fingernails are growing very rapidly and I have to clip them about twice as often. My liver spots are getting smaller and I had some other problems on my skin that have just about cleared up since I started taking the salt. I also notice that my joints are more limber and have more range of motion than I had before. I’m also sleeping like a lot! Unbelievable. When I wake up I feel rested and full of energy. My memory also seems to be getting better. I can recall things that I didn’t recall before. My body also seems to be cleaning itself because the amount of feces and urine I’m passing has increased, which is an indication to me that my body started to clean itself as soon as I went on the product. I will never be without this salt ! It’s just fantastic.
Hollis N.

About a month ago I started on the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt. Up until this time, I did not salt my food at all. I had several pounds of Celtic Salt laying around that I mainly used for making a salt plus baking soda toothpaste and also used a pinch whenever I made spelt bread. Being a health researcher and living on a strict organic food diet, I was surprised, after researching the subject, that there was so much history and fascinating stories about salt through the ages. What attracted me to this particular salt were the bio-physical and bio-energetic interactions of salt with water as explained and pictured in the book, Water & Salt, The Essence of Life. To my chagrin, I realized that I had overlooked this most essential foundation for good health during my many years of health studies.

Prior to taking the salt (Sole) in solution with water, I was experiencing leg muscle cramps in my left leg at night even though I was "well mineralized." After two days on the salt, those cramps have never returned. My joints are feeling smoother and more lubricated all the time and it feels like my synovial fluids are continually being rejuvenated. I’ve been aware of the functions of micro-clustered and "living water" for years and have kept my body well-hydrated and able to cleanse out toxins by drinking upwards of a gallon a day. Now with the added ionic trace minerals, I’m ensuring that I will never suffer from hypotremia (drinking water without replacing salt causes a salt deficiency in the blood). My hair and nails are growing much more rapidly and I’ve noticed "youthful" improvements in my skin. It appears that the salt is adding to my longevity. Overall, I have noticed a subtle but unmistakable feeling of internal cellular balance, enhancing my mental tranquility (more endorphins?) along with my physical energy and stamina. Lastly, I now use salt (but ONLY the OHC salt) on my organic meals without hesitation as my body seems to be asking for more and the food tastes better than ever. I guess I’m happily hooked.
Ken H

My first impression of the "Sole" was that I liked drinking this "salted water". I must explain that all my life I have never liked the taste of salt and have avoided salty foods. Taking the Sole, I started feeling balance, better mood, more energy and stamina. Although I am slender, persistent cellulite has been a challenge for me since I was a teenager and nothing I tried seemed to help. Now I am noticing my thighs and buttocks tightening up, and a lessening of the lumps and bumps. Also, since childhood, I have had cold hands and feet and severe intolerance to cold. For the first time in my life, I feel warm all over. This proves to me that I am replenishing the minerals in my body and overcoming 40 years of deficiencies. This holistic salt has definitely made a positive contribution to my health and my life.
Rosemary D., R. N., Nevada

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So I offer nothing material as an "added incentive" for you to try our salt. If I haven’t given you just cause here for trying the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt for yourself, to see if by investing as little as 14 cents per day over the next year, in your personal desire for achieving and maintaining a state of balanced energy, an overall feeling of well-being, just forget about it. Or. . .

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Thank you for taking the time to read what I have presented here.

Ever in pursuit of Energy - Life Force - Consciousness

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