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What Makes Original Himalayan Crystal Salt so Valuable?
Why Men Have Been Willing to Risk Their Lives to Possess It?
What Secret Lies Trapped Within These Crystals of Salt?

Watch and hear Pacesetters from the fields of Nutrition, the Culinary Arts, Sports, Metaphysics, Medicine, and others who give their personal views and opinions about Original Himalayan Crystal Salt. Find out what these experts are saying.

FROM THE FILM: Seventy percent of our planet is covered in oceans, a combination of water and 3% salt. The ancient Celtics referred to the Primal oceans as Sole (pronounced so-lay), synonymous with Soul, as they understood that all life arose from the sea, the Soul of the Earth.

Over time, crystal salt from these Primal seas became the standard of wealth and power. Kingdoms rose and fell in the pursuit of its possession and generations of men have credited it with qualities far beyond price.”

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