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Golden Sole™ is based on ORMUS and bio-photon Energy and is formulated to deliver the most complete life-giving frequencies instantaneously, and directly into your cells.

nutrition factsIt has recently been brought to our attention, from three separate and unrelated researchers, that Original Himalayan Crystal Salt® possesses a unique signature of ORMUS or high-spin state, monatomic elements in the platinum group of elements. Of all so-called "Himalayan" salts available on the market, only our "Original" Himalayan Salt produces the specific reaction needed to create exceptional quality monatomic substances.

The secret to the power of Golden Sole is Sacred Geometry. Applying this Ancient, Re-Discovered Science, the inherent structure and life-giving properties of Original Himalayan Crystal Salt® have been enhanced, unlocking the Matrix, to create this, what may be the most advanced preventative medicine.

Golden Sole is a proprietary multi-dimensional formula that invites the body to re-mineralize, regenerate, and detoxify, the three secrets to anti-aging.

Through the process of creating Golden Sole, the 84 mineral elements
are “chained” together, creating an indestructible, stable, and permanent
solution. Nothing can alter, weaken, or influence this solution.

One Pint - (16oz.) 473.13ml - $ 49.95 - A 90 Day Supply.

Ultra-purified, restructured, biophoton water, high-spin Original Himalayan Crystal Salt, monatomic gold or mfkzt, and a proprietary blend of monatomic elements & minerals.

golden sole headerWe've reduced the amount of sodium in Golden Sole™. Those of you used to the "salty" taste of a teaspoon of Sole in your water will notice less of a salty taste. Golden Sole is all about minerals and monatomic elements, not sodium. One teaspoon of Sole contains 478mg sodium as compared to 298mg in the Golden Sole. But all of the other 83 mineral elements are intact and vital, in fact, have been "enhanced" by the proprietary process of creating the monatomic elements.