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CONSUMER NOTICE: Because Of The “Uncertainty Principle,” It Is Impossible For The Consumer To Find Out At The Same Time Both Precisely Where This Product Is And How Fast It Is Moving.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO PURCHASERS: The Entire Physical Universe, Including This Product, May One Day Collapse Back Into An Infinitesimally Small Space. Should Another Universe Subsequently Re-Emerge, The Existence Of  This Product In That Universe Cannot Be Guaranteed.

What is Mind? No Matter. What is Body? Never Mind.


No Salt, No Parmesan Cheese

The difference between fresh cheese and aged cheese is salt. Italians call the curds that are eaten fresh before they begin to turn sour, ricotta, and it is made all throughout Italy. But once the salt is added, once cheese makers cure their products in Sole to prevent spoilage and allow for aging, then each cheese is different.
All that’s needed to make cheese is milk and salt. That combination was common in Europe. Just as goats and sheep were domesticated earlier than cattle, it is though that goat’s and sheep’s cheeses are much older ideas than cow’s milk cheese. The habit of carrying liguids in animal skins mat have led to the cause of the first cheese making since milk coming in contact with animal skin will soon curdle.
The Romans made a tremendous variety of cheeses, with difference from region to region. Perhaps the most popular cheese, parmesan, now called Parmigiano-Reggiano, because it is made in the pasturelands between Parma and Reggio, may have had its roots as far back as the 13th century.
Drained curds are left in cheesecloth for a day and divided and put into wooden molds. The Latin word for for mold, forma, is the root of the Italian word for cheese, formaggio. After at least three days the ninety-pound cheeses are floated in a brine (Sole) bath and turned every day. The aging of cheese is a matter of its slow absorption of salt. It takes two years for the salt to reach the center of the wheel of Parmigiano-Riggiano cheese. After that, the cheese begins to dry out. So these cheeses have always had one year of life between when they are sold and when they are considered too hard and dry, even too salty.
Someday we’ll see a forward thinking cheese maker take hold of the idea of using the finest quality salt for his/her art. That’s the day you’ll be able to purchase Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Parmesan cheese.


More Celebrities



Jay Leno
Jay Leno expresses delight as he eats a pretzel lavishly sprinkled with our Original Himalayan Crystal Salt. (OHCS)








Hilary swank
Hilary takes Oscar to dinner. She always sprinkles on a little Life Force before eating, her secret to training and endurance while filming “Million Dollar Baby”.





“Just Like Heaven” is how Reese describes our OHCS. This “Legally Blonde” actress knows the higher laws of Energy.
Reese Witherspoon


Conan Martha Stewart
Martha warns Conan about the potential Energy released from a box of our salt and he opts for safety by donning a welding mask. Smart move!
Hugh Grant Knowing the importance and value of the 84 minerals and trace elements in our salt, Hugh Grant gives a box to his friend’s child.







Eric Debra
Eric and Debra attribute their synergistic screen charisma to the resonating effects of Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Sole which keeps them vibing together.
Arnold Schwarzeneggar
Arnie, ever the health-conscious Governor, prefers a sprinkle of OHCS on his sandwich to a good Cuban cigar.




Harrison Ford
“Presumed Innocent”, Harrison Ford is no “Fugitive” to fine dining. He prefers eating “Solo” but occasionally grabs a meal aboard “Air Force One” while traveling to the “Mosquito Coast”. No one really knows “What Lies Beneath” his calm exterior but we know he gets “Frantic” when “Sabrina” doesn’t remember to bring his OHCS when they dine out. He perceives it as a “Clear and Present Danger” to his health and wellbeing.











Ozzy Osbourne entertained Carson Daly at a recent dinner by using chopsticks to pick up and eat one of our Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Stones.
Ozzy Osbourne and Carson Daly