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silky air filled bubbles active climate control big cost savings vitalized water lung protection 100% copper shower head bubble rain xl distinctive design
Wellness Showers with Silky Bubbles
Active Built-in Climate Protection
$345 Savings Annually in Hot Water Cost
Shower with Vitalized Water - Built In
Low Aerosol Generation Protects Lungs
100% Anti-Bacterial Copper
Anti-Limescale Function - No Lime Build up
Distinctive and Exclusive in Design

Health Risks - What You Should Know About Showering

Legionella is the aquatic bacterium that causes Legionnaires' disease in human beings - named after a major disease outbreak during a meeting in 1976 of American Legion in Philadelphia.

Legionella is a severe form of pneumonia, being fatal in 5-30% of the cases. Each year, there are between 8,000 and 18,000 people hospitalized with Legionnaires' disease in the U.S. These are only the reported cases. (Source: Center for Disease Control). Thus, each year several thousand casualties are recorded in the U.S. alone.

The Legionella bacteria, traceable in almost any drinking water pipe, can become dangerous for people only if they find their way into the lungs. This occurs primarily in the shower. When showering, fine water droplets called aerosols, are generated - these aerosols enter the lungs and expand into the alveoli (respirable aerosols). Bacteria are transported to the lungs by those aerosols. Not only are Legionella a threatening cause of serious pneumonia while taking a shower, but pseudomonas too - ubiquitous aerobic bacteria also found in shower heads, are potentially harmful. Bacteria find ideal conditions in plastic shower heads and shower hoses, for propagating. These are breeding grounds for biofilm. Biofilm is a slimy mass of micro-organisms which thrive in plastics.
frauenhofer_test Shower aerosols are formed when a strong shower spray hits the body, the walls of the shower or the tub, and burst. The more powerful the shower jet, the more aerosols that are created. As BUBBLE-RAIN shower heads create a stream of soft, so to speak, "air-suspended" water bubbles, far less aerosols are formed here. In fact, the findings of Fraunhofer Intitute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine in Germany, demonstrated that the BUBBLE-RAIN shower heads produce 80% less aerosols than normal shower heads.
100% copper shower head

"Plastic Shower Heads are Breeding Grounds for Bacteria”, was the topic of a study presented by scientists at the University Colorado in early 2010. The research team, led by Norman Pace, examined 45 shower heads collected from public buildings in various U.S. cities. Thirty percent (30%) of shower heads tested contained significant quantities of the pathogen Mycobacterium avium, which can lead to lung diseases. Since the plastic shower heads were obviously more populated with bacteria, Pace favors metal shower heads as good alternatives. Wolf Environmental Technologies goes one step further and produces the BUBBLE-RAIN shower heads from copper. Copper is recognized and approved as an antibacterial material.

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Before Purchasing the Bubble-Rain Shower Head

Be sure to verify that your current shower set up is similar to the photo here on the right. Otherwise, you may not be able to use the product as intended.

You must have a shower set-up that employs a hose to which is attached a "wand" type shower head. The shower head rests in a hanger attached to either a shower rail slide, as in the photo at right, or hooks onto an existing fixture in your shower, as in the photo here on the left. The wand can simply be unscrewed from the hose and and the Bubble-Rain shower head can be screwed on to the existing hose.

If you also purchase the FlexClean® shower hose, simply unscrew your present hose from the plumbing fixture coming out of the shower wall or tub, and screw in the FlexClean hose. All fittings are a univerally sized 1/2".

shower rail
Bubble Rain Swivel XL Head Only
Bubble Rain Swivel Headbubble rain swivel head2The BUBBLE-RAIN Swivel XL Shower Head is for the conversion of permanently installed showers where you simply unscrew your current shower head and screw the Bubble Rain Swivel head onto your existing shower arm (see photos). The same water and energy saving 1.6g/min flow as the Bubble Rain Espresso XL shower head and wand above.  



espresso xlPurchase the BUBBLE-RAIN ESPRESSO XL Shower Head $129.95    

bubble rain flexclean   More Abour FlexClean Hose

Purchase the BUBBLE-RAIN Shower Head XL and the FlexClean® Hose $199.90    

Bubble Rain XL Swivel HeadPurchase the Bubble Rain Swivel XL Shower Head $84.95   

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