In 2009, Symphony Natural Health, Inc. acquired American BlueGreen, LLC, together with all rights as exclusive importer of the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt™ brand of salt as featured in the book, Water and Salt, The Essence of Life by Dr. Barbara Hendel, MD and Peter Ferreira.

We at Symphony Natural Health understand that Mother Nature’s ability to foster perfection simply cannot be improved upon. The challenge, and reward for us to take part in her grand design, lay in respecting and preserving the inherent qualities of her handiwork. Further, to strive to keep those naturally occurring values intact, without modification of any kind, and delivering the intended benefits of her offerings to those eager to accept.

For generations, the people in a remote mountainous area of Pakistan have worked in loving cooperation with Nature through the careful and thoughtful gathering of one of their daily needs; salt. Abundantly available from a salt mine in their community, the local folks have been extracting the mineral-rich salt by hand, without the use of mechanical or explosive techniques. After being brought from beneath the mountain, the salt is hand-selected, hand-crushed and sun dried. This long-standing tradition is in perfect harmony with ours, and Nature’s own values.

Following the release of the best selling book, Water & Salt, The Essence of Life, by Dr. Barbara Hendel, MD and biophysicist, Peter Ferreira, the Western world turned its attention to these people of the East and their prized natural resource. Overnight, the salt that had for centuries provided them with one of their essential needs, now had the potential to become a model for economic development and to help build a bridge from the past to the future.

Symphony Natural Health is proud to continue in the footsteps of American BlueGreen as one of only two companies worldwide to take part in shaping and creating the vision for the local people. As the importer for all English speaking countries, it is important that our Original Himalayan Crystal Salt™ line of products reflects the respect for the culture and values of the community. We have formed a long-term partnership with the local people to bring together the best that the East and West have to offer and have pledged to preserve the integrity of their traditional mining methodologies. We provide more than jobs; we have given the community the possibility for development and improvement at the local level.

There is sufficient salt in the mine to serve many future generation and we have established a close professional and personal relationship with our Pakistani partners to establish manageable rates of growth without overtaxing their production capacity and workforce. We will continue to explore opportunities together for bringing their precious natural commodity to the ever expanding community we serve together. Below is a letter we received from our partners and we share it with you, our supporters and customers.

Dear Ed,

salt being brokenThe salt deposits are located in the North Western Province of Pakistan at the feet of two famous mountain ranges ' Hindukush' and the ' Karakorums. The local people of the area work at the deposit to take the salt out. There are strict government regulations regarding child labour here in Pakistan. There are no children working at the salt deposit or in any way working in general.

Workers are very well paid. In general their salaries are more than double the usual salary structure in the area. The working environment is understandably labor intensive, keeping in view the nature of the work where heavy chunks of salt are hand-worked. To compensate, the workers are extended short working hours per day, without having any negative impact on the salaries.

packing saltIt is the education where most all of the money that American BlueGreen, LLC has earmarked for charity has gone. The contribution of money to the people in the region is directly done through paying high salaries, which provides scholarships to the children of the workers who want to come down to bigger cities for higher studies

Schools are being upgraded. Thirteen schools have been upgraded in the northern region of Gilgit/Hunza. The Royal Academy of Hunza, a school run by the wife of the late Emir of Hunza, has been given a new shape, The main building has been extended and the related equipment has been upgraded. Lot of hard work has been done.bagging salt

Contribution has also been made to give new shape to the base camp for mountaineers climbing the K2 at ' ESCOLA '. I have read it in different web sites that this is a wonder which even could not be found while going to the Mount Everest in Nepal. The base camp has been reshaped and handed over to the local community to maintain and generate revenue out of the facilities being offered to the mountaineers. Similarly at the same place ' Escola ' an abundant school has once again been brought back to order by the local people and now we would be providing the funds to buy equipment and salaries for the Canadian Couple who would be running the school.sorting salt

The logo on your product does not belong to the people who control the mine. The logo belongs to the Royal Education Foundation in the HUNZA area who has graciously extended it to you for you to use.

Best Regards,





Symphony Natural Health wishes everyone a life of fullness and potential, the chance for a life worth living, for finding one's true self. We recognize the "spark" of light in each heart and the capacity to enjoy and be nurtured by Nature's elements. We believe that all human beings form the links in an unbreakable chain, like beads on one string. Trying to tamper with them is bound to affect the whole chain. Our goal is to educate, the purpose being to draw out the best in all of us and make us an integrated whole, physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

Thank you for participating in and sharing in our vision.
Edwin & Ingrid Leach, Co-Founders, and James Frame, CEO, Symphony Natural Health
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